The objective of treating Obesity is to reach and stay at a healthy weight. The first treatment option is dietary changes.  This involves reducing the amount of calories you take daily. By reviewing your typical eating and drinking habits with your physician, you will know the amount of calories you consume daily and reduce them. For men it is advised to take 1,500 to 1,800 and for women a typical amount is 1,200 to 1,500. Secondly in dietary changes is restricting certain foods. High-carbohydrate foods should be avoided at all cost. Drinking sugar sweetened beverages add more calories to your body and should be avoided . Also meal replacement methods are recommended for treating Obesity. This entails replacing one or two meals with their products. Meal bars and shakes which are of low-calories and healthy snacks are the best alternative.


Medical treatment is also a method of treating Obesity. Three options are considered safe and effective treatments. Vertical-banded gastroplasty is the first operation method which entails using of staples to create a small pouch from the stomach's upper portion to enhance the flow of food in the stomach.The food reaches the stomach's lower portion via a 5-centimeter opening created by a mesh ring that encloses the stomach's middle part. The Kuzmak adjustable silastic band uses an inflatable ring that is placed around the stomachs. It reduces the size of the stomach and limit food intake. Finally in medical treatment option is Gastric bypass surgery which uses surgical Stapler to create a small pouch out of upper portion of the stomach. After the sleeve is created , the rest of the stomach approximately two thirds is gorged out. This decreases appetite and creates a feeling of being full faster. Only little amount of food can pass through the sleeve at one time. Drugs such as Orlistat, Phentermine and Fastin also treat obesity. Visit the source page here!


Exercise is also an option to treat obesity. Obsessed individuals should do a lot of exercise daily in order to reduce the amount of calories in their bodies. Such exercises includes; playing football, basketball, swimming, cycling, skating among others. These exercises burn the extra calories and reduce their weight. Water exercise is also recommended. It builds up person's strength and endurance and helps joints and bone carry the weight thus decrease the risk for injury. These exercises are arm exercises, standing breaststroke and led lifts, check this website here!



Finally, behavior modification therapy which involves changing of eating and exercises habits in order to promote weight loss. This modification entails recording your diet and exercise patterns in a diary, adopting realistic beliefs about weight loss and body image and developing a support network. This behavior modification therapy is a long term method of treating obesity. You can also learn more details on how to treat obesity by checking out the post at